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To our TKD Parents, TKD Students, and Instructors -

We would like to take this opportunity to "Thank you", parents for the privilege of having your children attend West Coast TKD. Without your love, support, and encouragement for them, their goals and successes in TKD would be impossible to accomplish. As owners of this school we value the tenents and live the example for our students. Whether as a parent, teacher, instructor, student, or friend - there is no greater impact on a person's life (no matter the age) than your Integrity of Character! Walk the Talk.

When we opened WCTKD in 1990, we were nervous but excited. We had a vision and a heartfelt desire to make a positive difference for children, teens, and adults, using our love of the physical sport combined with the tenets that we believe in and live by to this day. There is so much more to TKD than kicking and punching - the discipline, character qualities, balance, coordination, goals, rewards earned, empathy, compassion, accountability, responsiblity, etc. etc. These are the self esteem builders that last for a lifetime. THey are the roadmaps to success in family, work, marriage, friends, community, and church. These are the qualitites (as tough as the work is or the lessons learned) that strengthen their lives and enable them to touch others in a positive way. THIS IS WHY WE TEACH TKD!

Our school is definitely known for having a high standard of earning stripes and belt ranks. All goals have to have a standard of accountabliity so as to be earned. But with high standards must come discernment. We had been training for five years before we opened WCTKD. From that experience we learned that all people (kids or adults) are endowed with special gifts (attributes, skills; physically and mentally) and because of this fact we decided from the beginning of opening the school the #1 priority of our teaching would be with a discerning heart and that there would be no favorites. "ALL" students would be our favorites and we would never compare them to another student during testing, but stay true to evaluating each one by their effort, abilities, attitude, commitment, heart - as well as the standard of the technique. The wisdom we have learned through our experience has taught us that "People don't care about how much you know, until they know how much you care." Discernment in leadership is essential to be able to judge fairly that high standard of each individual student.

Every time you enter the school, you view the Black Belt plaques. Yes, they reached the honored and respected rank of Black Belt. They are young, old, older - every shape and size, male and female, and every one of them came gifted and special; and all of them our "Favorites." Some are still here and many have moved; we are forever proud of them. They all earned their rank. Touching lives and building strong, honest character has no "$" sign attached. Its reward comes in the form of giving back to others what was given to us - and more....

"The greatest achievements are those that benefit others."


Mr. & Mrs. Williams

West Coast TKD

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