Welcome to West Coast Taekwondo


Who We Are

We are the dedicated school owners and instructors you see teaching your children. We are also the students; every man, woman, and child. We are the parents who keep their kids coming again and again and again. We are the stranger who steps inside our door to see what our studio has to offer. Here at West Coast Taekwondo, we aren't the few or the privileged, we are every soul that plays a part in bringing this studio to life. We are West Coast Taekwondo.

Our Values

The values of Taekwondo and the community it builds unite people of all shapes and sizes. From children in preschool to parents of children off to college, Taekwondo instills respect for others, confidence, and control of self while allowing a productive release of energy, aka a good sweaty workout. Ever since its founding, Taekwondo has always been a safe place and second home for the spirit.

Martial Art Quotes