West Coast Taekwondo

In a martial arts studio, Ed Gruberman and two other students come to quickly find that Ti Kwan Leep isn't all it is led to be believed. (Starring Mr. Adam Gentry, Mr. Paul Jones, Mr. Don Jones, and Mr. Robert Merino)

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West Coast Taekwondo's Demo Team competes in the Demo Competition on January 22, 2011, in Kissimmee, Florida.

West Coast Taekwondo's Usuhan Jeonsa performs their demonstration at the Taekwondo United Demo Competition in Saddle Brook, New Jersey on March 23, 2013.

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West Coast Taekwondo Demo Team, "The Californians," presents their 1st place winning demo performance in the Demo Team Competition at the Taekwondo United Cajun Nationals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Californians are comprised of: Robert Merino, Ryan Pabon, Eric De Palma, Breanna Bell, Greg Plum, Priya Mistry, Brennan Plum, Shourya Chawla, Janet Appleby, and Cristal Ornelas.

P.S. This was West Coast Taekwondo's first time receiving a 1st place performance, and as such, is a milestone for their school.

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