West Coast Taekwondo

Curriculum Programs

Traditional Taekwondo for adults and children represents the core curriculum at West Coast Taekwondo, with classes divided by age group and proficiency level. West Coast Taekwondo offers the following curriculum classes daily to fit the individual student.

Little Dragons

Moms... Dads... This is a fun-filled course for girls and boys, ages 4 to 5 years old... introducing the benefits of Taekwondo! Children will develop discipline, fitness, motor skills, balance, social skills, and have a GREAT time as they learn the basics of our Martial Arts curriculum. The main emphasis of instruction in the Little Dragons Program is to provide the Coordination, Mental readiness, Attention span, Social skills, Safety awareness, Self-awareness, Self-concept and Self-discipline to the point that they meet the requirements for graduation into the regular Junior West Coast Taekwondo Program.

Junior Program

West Coast Taekwondo classes offer children an excellent opportunity to learn effective self-defense and important basic life skills. They will learn positive traits such as courtesy, integrity, and perseverance which will aid in their development to be effective and successful adults in the future. Our classes are taught in a very safe, professional manner by instructors who not only know the art of Taekwondo, but also know how to motivate children of all ages. During the classes the motivation is positive and upbeat. The children will soon realize by paying attention, trying hard, and focusing on the drills given by the instructors, they can be very successful in Taekwondo. This type of training can also have a tremendous impact on the child's ability to excel in other areas of interest. Schoolwork, abilities in sports, and skills interacting with other children are just some of the areas that can be positively impacted by participation in the structured program provided by West Coast Taekwondo. By teaching students how to set goals and achieve them, they will develop the "CAN DO" attitude, and with repetition, this will improve self-esteem. Most of all, the classes are fun!

Teen & Adult Program

We're talking serious fitness here! If you have always wanted the confidence to defend yourself, here is your chance. In addition to learning a highly formidable means of self-defense, you will also get yourself in incredible physical shape. You will improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination all in a fun and exciting format designed just for adult teen -students of Taekwondo with no little kids in class with you. As a means of achieving total physical fitness, controlling weight, or just adding an exciting new dimension to your life, training at West Coast Taekwondo can give you a safe, professional environment for achieving your goals.

Exemplary Attendance

Students who attend 25 classes or more during the 8-week training period receive a special patch at the awards ceremony.

Character First Program

char*ac*ter n.

The qualities built into an individual's life that determine his or her response, regardless of circumstances.

Success in every area of your life will be enhanced as you develop each facet of the 49 character qualities we teach.

"Character determines success"